Add some green to your interior decor

Are you bored of the same interior decor? How about giving a fresh outlook to your home by using indoor plants? As expressive as paintings and as appealing as antiques, houseplants bring life to every room. Greenery brings beauty, character, texture and good energy into every space. The key to a fresh and colourful interior decor is to use indoor …

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Italian Interior Design

DIY Tips: A touch of Italian Interior Design

Italian Interior Design is the epitome of luxury. A sleek, clean-lined apartment in Milan, the rustic, terra cotta-coloured villa in Tuscany or an elegant, historical Florentine home, these are all just some signature designs associated with Italy. Like the country’s history, its designs are diverse and eclectic which encourages artistic experimentation. It is also ornate, gorgeously-gilted, tastefully designed of only …

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